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Raise The Vibration 2021 Submission Call


RAISE THE VIBRATION is a virtual event celebrating womanhood in ALL forms. This event is a creative work to empower communities to end gendered violence. UCF Victim Services is hosting RAISE THE VIBRATION 2021. We invite you to participate in this virtual event by submitting recorded creative pieces such as dance, poetry, song, monologues, and other forms of artistic expression! RAISE THE VIBRATION 2021 debut on Saturday, March 20th at 7:00pm via Zoom/Facebook live. Submit your artistic works to be featured in this powerful movement via this submission form. Rules for submission below.


**We will be accepting submission starting on Monday, 11/16/20 to Tuesday, 1/17/2021.**



~Your submission upload must contain the title of piece and your initials.

~You may submit a work as a group, the contact person should fill out this form and use their initials in the upload.

~You may choose to include your social media handles as watermark on piece.

~File submission must be mp4, mov. file or pdf

~Less than 4 minutes

~If you film on a mobile device remember to film HORIZONTALLY!

~No nudity or excessive profanity

~Need to be UCF affiliated  

~Needs to celebrate womanhood!

~By submitting your work, you agree to UCF Victim Services using your piece (with credit) for educational/awareness events through May 20th, 2023




*Submissions that do not follow rules will not be considered*


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Or use the QR Code:

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Monday, November 16, 2020